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Other Traditions about Dajjal

•    Various miracles of Dajjal are mentioned in various narrations. For instance, in one of them, it says that nations who believe in Dajjal will have more abundant lands whereas nations who reject Dajjal will suffer drought.[29] The narrations let us know that these miracles are given to Dajjal in order to test people’s faiths. God has given the theory of evolution many miracles in order to test people’s faiths. God has allowed the rationalization of this theory in his way of creating living beings. For instance, the theory of evolution wouldn’t have been defendable had God created all animals in a very short time or had he created the most complex animals in the beginning. These are the miracles God gave to Dajjal and Dajjal is using these so as to deceive people. This world is created for testing people. If God had not allowed the defendability of the theory of evolution, everybody would have had to believe in God and this would have contradicted the concept of testing. Faith is not valuable in the absence of denial just like good is not valuable in the absence of evil. This is why God has allowed denial to subsist in every age. We can say that God has given evolution arguments that make it defendable in order to test people’s faiths. “Who created death and life that He might try you as to which of you is better in deed (Qur’an 67:2)”

Those who are foreign to Islam may find the Islamic concept of testing strange. There are examples of these even in the Quran. For instance, the Quran tells us that magic is taught to people by the angels with the permission of God even though it is haram (Islamically impermissible) to do magic, for the sheer purpose of testing people. “It was not Solomon who disbelieved, but the devils disbelieved, teaching people magic and that which was revealed to the two angels at Babylon, Harut, and Marut. But the two angels do not teach anyone unless they say, ‘We are a trial, so do not disbelieve [by practicing magic]. ‘ (Qur’an 2:102)"

The abovementioned narration which tells that the nations who believe in Dajjal will have more abundant lands whereas the nations who reject Dajjal will suffer drought, is surely in line with the contrast between the wealthy and positivistic/irreligious Western nations and the poor Muslim nations in our age. The Western world which followed Dajjal (positivism) has prospered whereas the Islamic world which followed Islam has become poor and backward, thus embodying this miracle of Dajjal.

•    The traditions about where Dajjal is going to emerge from are contradictory. We had mentioned this narration above: “His (Dajjal’s) first day will be a year, his second day a month, his third day a week, and his fourth day a day.[30]” This narration gives the impression that Dajjal is going to emerge from the North and spread out everywhere from there. This is because a year is only a day and a night in the northern polar region. If one were to move towards south from the Northern pole by train for a day in summer, he would see that the Sun doesn’t set for a month. After that, if he were to move for a day by car, he wouldn’t see the sunset for a week. This may refer to the fact that England, where Darwin was born and grew up in, is close to the northern polar region especially when compared to Arabia. Besides this famous narration, we have one narration saying that Dajjal will appear from Damascus and one more narration saying that he will appear from Khorasan. Some of these narrations may refer to small dajjals (remember that the total number of small dajjals will be around thirty). Also, it is definitely not wrong to think that the theory of evolution emerged from the East; this theory was proposed by the Muslim scientists of the Abbasid Empire long before Darwin. I had written above that this period signals the time when evolution metaphorically claimed prophethood, and the post-Darwin period is when it claimed divinity. The theory of evolution reached Europe from the Middle East, and it spread out everywhere from Europe.

One more interesting point to mention here is that when the Prophet (pbuh) told that the first day of Dajjal will be one year, his companions asked him: “Messenger of God, on that day which is like a year, will the prayers of one day be sufficient for us?” and the Messenger of God replied, “No. Calculate the time (for prayer).[31]” This narration is a miraculous reply from 1400 years ago to the popular question of this era about how those living in polar regions can determine their prayer and fasting times.

•    It is narrated that Dajjal is going to get killed by Jesus Christ when Christ comes back to the world. Even if Christ returns as a human being, what is denoted by Christ here should be what Christ represents, namely Christianity. These traditions suggest that Christianity will overpower Darwinism and atheism in the End Times. We see now that the most effective rational combat against the atheistic philosophy is waged by Christians. Muslims are relatively passive in this struggle since they are left behind in many fields including science. Many scholars believe that Christ is going to unite Muslims and Christians in order to defeat atheism when he returns to the world.

Conclusion: The Messenger of God (pbuh) informed us about the great signs of the End Times by means of metaphorical traditions. The sign to which he drew the most attention among these is the emergence of Dajjal. It is narrated that Dajjal is going to initiate a huge trend of blasphemy that is going to spread everywhere and that is going to have a deep impact on everyone. It is narrated that Dajjal will not be recognized for a long time and will delude much of the world until he is confronted by Jesus Christ who will reestablish the faith and justice in the world. Islam will dominate the world when Mahdi and Christ come, even the non-Muslims project now that Europe is going to be a Muslim-majority land given the current population growth of Muslims. Muslims are beginning to wake up, we pray that Muslims regain their power in the 21st century and much of the world be blessed by Islam just as promised in the traditions of our Prophet (pbuh).

Those who subscribe to irreligious ideologies have to reject God as their creator, otherwise they would contradict themselves by objecting to the god they believe in. Those who reject God as the creator have to accept evolution because it is the only way of explaining the universe without recourse to God. This means that the core of all irreligious ideologies is Darwinism; it wouldn’t be possible to defend liberalism, communism, feminism or fascism if it wasn’t for Darwinism. The collapse of Darwinism would mean the intellectual collapse of all these irreligious ideologies. One of the greatest mistakes of religious people in this age is that they try to tackle the modern irreligious trends one by one and ignore Darwinism which is the starting point of all these irreligious trends. However as long as Darwinism remains the basis of our worldview, any irreligious trend being suppressed will be replaced by a new irreligious trend. The genuine and long-term solution is tackling Darwinism which is the source and intellectual premise of all irreligious trends.

Some Muslims of our time believe that Dajjal has not arrived yet since they interpret the metaphorical narrations literally. These Muslims are not aware that irreligion has overrun everywhere, that’s why they do not look for Dajjal nor can they recognize it. Is it possible for the Messenger of God who informed us about the future in detail and described the End Times emphatically to avoid mentioning Darwinism which made the 20th century a hell for the believers? If Dajjal is literally a man with a single eye and with the word “Kafir (Infidel)” written on his forehead, how is it possible for people not to recognize him and obey him? How is it possible for contemporary people to believe the divinity claim of a man although people are generally very knowledgeable in the modern age? If Dajjal is merely a human and his influence will be felt only until Christ kills him, how can he cause such huge destruction in his short human life span? If the duration of his influence is even shorter than human life, how can he be the greatest incident in the history of mankind as stated by the Prophet (pbuh)? These weak-minded Muslims cannot answer any of these questions. We have a phenomenon that everybody accepts now: Living beings are either created by God or created by evolution. Since there is nothing besides Darwinism that claims to be a god in this sense, it is most likely that Dajjal which is renowned for claiming divinity is nothing but Darwinism. And God knows best…


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The emergence of the theory of evolution is a very important milestone in human history. Though up until that time religion had a significant influence over people, Darwin claimed that there is no need for God to explain how life came into being. This abruptly emergent irreligious trend has quickly spread and taken over the entire globe. As this trend gained ground, it tossed the human soul into a void abyss as it took away what was considered to be the mentor of the human soul until then. This trend which claimed that life is meaningless and is all about chaos and fray, and that human beings are not going to be judged for their actions in the afterlife, has entailed terrible consequences and calamities. Here are the things that happened in the 20th century during which atheism was quite prevalent:

  • Religions have been regarded as superficial and have been isolated from every aspect of life (especially from science). Many people, mainly the educated ones, have become atheistic.

  • Although up until that time in history every civilization had some sort of religious belief; a new atheism trend that rejects any form of deity and divine authority, thus having no values or principles in life, gained ground and dominated most fields of life. Until that point in history, every civilization had put humans at the center of the universe and had undisputedly believed that everything is actually created for humans; whereas Darwinism claimed that human beings are nothing but a breed of apes and are not special at all, thus challenging a convention that had always been taken for granted.

  • Two great global wars broke out which claimed the lives of tens of millions of people. Peace and security were no longer existent even for civilians. Systems such as communism and fascism declared war against religions and their believers.

  • Muslims became distant to their long-cherished Islamic values; they took on profane attributes and lost their passion for Islam. As a result of that, they regressed and became prone to Western colonization. Most Muslim countries had anti-Islamic dictators on top that would put a great deal of pressure on Islam. As atheism spread among the educated and eminent segments of the Muslim countries, anti-Islamic regimes were established in these Muslim states.

  • Humans become oblivious to anything but their own interests and pleasures as they lived without the sense of accounting for their deeds in the afterlife. They didn’t help the poor and the poor have been left in misery. Since humans have greedily exploited nature for more worldly gains, many ecological problems have emerged. (air pollution, water pollution, ozone depletion…)

  • Shame, decency, and morality have almost disappeared completely. Even the most shameless acts became explicit and mainstream. Especially Western civilization which moved away from Christianity broke records in immoral and unprincipled behavior.

  • The institution of family has broken down especially in Western nations. Marriage has declined and divorce rates have soared up incredibly. Trends such as feminism and LGBT have damaged the nature of genders.

These are all consequences of atheism that came about through Darwinism. It is so wrong to confine the influences of the theory of evolution to science only and to regard this ideology as a mere scientific theory. Darwinism has altered how people perceive life, and according to the wording of atheists: Darwin killed God. This is why atheists regard Darwin as the Prophet of atheism rather than an ordinary scientist. Darwinism has a strong influence on modern psychology, sociology, medicine, law, and economy; the Darwinian worldview has been integrated into all of these fields. Moreover, racism and fascism, the biggest scourges of the 20th century, were actually rooted in the idea of evolution and natural selection. Social Darwinism, which was the adaptation of Darwinism for sociology, constituted the basis for racism. Social Darwinism was the fundamental pillar of fascism and Nazism. According to this social Darwinian mindset, persecuting the weak is an intrinsic rule of nature (natural selection) and nobody can be blamed for doing so. Leaders such as Hitler and Mussolini were influenced heavily by Darwinism, and they declared war on other nations for the sake of ensuring that their races win the natural selection. The historian Richard Weikart recounts how Hitler was influenced by Darwinism in his genocide as follows: “Darwinism by itself did not produce the Holocaust, but without Darwinism... neither Hitler nor his Nazi followers would have had the necessary scientific underpinnings to convince themselves and their collaborators that one of the world’s greatest atrocities was really morally praiseworthy.[1]” Communism was too a harmful ideology fortified by the atheist/materialist trend caused by Darwinism. Karl Marx, the founder of Communism, was a strong admirer of Charles Darwin and he described Darwin’s work as such: “Darwin’s work is most important and suits my purpose in that it provides a basis in natural science for the historical class struggle.[2]” The communist dictator Joseph Stalin who was committed to destroying all religions inflicted serious catastrophes both on his own people and on foreigners. Not only Stalin, but almost all Communist rulers also persecuted religious people in places where they ruled over. They banned Islam in Central Asia, Balkans, and Caucasia. It is not a coincidence that all these calamities took place in the century when atheism was the dominant ideology over the entire globe. If it wasn’t for Darwinism, and atheism by extent, most of these calamities wouldn’t have happened. It is unthinkable for our Prophet to avoid mentioning this huge trend that shook up the entire globe given that our Prophet has lots of detailed prophecies about the future.

The emergence of this theory is a turning point in history. Our Prophet describes Darwinism as the greatest incident in the history of mankind: “Since the birth of Adam (as) till the advent of the Judgment Day there is no incident (“mischief” in another narration) greater than that of Dajjal.[3]” “Dajjal” in Arabic means liar, deceiver, the hider of the truth. It corresponds to the concept of the Antichrist in Christianity, but I will be using the term Dajjal instead of the term Antichrist throughout my writing. Since the topic of Dajjal is so important, the Messenger of God (pbuh) warned us against him even in the Farewell (Last) Sermon.

There have been numerous comments made on Dajjal throughout Islamic history. In prophetic traditions, it is said that there are going to be thirty dajjals in total.[4] However, narrations usually refer to the one Dajjal that will do the greatest damage. This primary Dajjal will constitute the fundamental for other small dajjals, in other words, it will pave the way for small dajjals. Some scholars told that Dajjal is a human, and some of them said that it is an ideology. The fact that the traditions about Dajjal are highly metaphorical opened the way for various opinions on Dajjal. The characters that are foretold to come in the future should be evaluated as trends or ideologies along with the person who is associated with them, rather than the person himself alone. When we rationally look into the topic of Dajjal, we can understand that the thing that does this huge damage to the world is not a short-lived human being himself, rather it is the idea that this human being proposed and gave rise to all over the world. Every trend has a man representing it. The man who represents the theory of evolution is Charles Darwin, but the thing that did the greatest damage is Darwinism, not Darwin himself.

In one narration, it is said that Dajjal has been waiting in chains for a very long time on an island along with a hairy and unusual animal named Jassasah, and he is due to emerge from that island when the time comes. Dajjal cannot be a human since a human being cannot live for thousands of years in chains; it is a system or an ideology. Dajjal’s humanlike descriptions in some narrations are metaphorical. Dajjal’s waiting on an island until his time comes has to do with finding the fossils of animals. God protected the fossils of animals for a very long time and these fossils were found by people when the sophisticated technology was invented. The theory of evolution was proposed as a result of the discovered fossils. It is interesting that this narration emphasizes the island and the weird animal living on that island. Darwin proposed the theory of evolution after his studies in Galapagos Islands, and these islands were famous for their diverse endemic species (there were many unusual species exclusive to these islands). Also remember that England, where Darwin was born and lived in, is an island too.

Many sayings of our Prophet are metaphorical; this is better known by those who are experts on the traditions of the Prophet. Especially the narrations about the End Times are very figurative and they cannot be understood by everyone studying these traditions. Metaphors are very popular both in the Quran and in Prophetic narrations. Let’s give an example from the Quran: Adi bin Hatim narrates: “When the verses were revealed, 'Until the white thread appears to you, distinct from the black thread,' I took two (hair) strings, one black and the other white, and kept them under my pillow and went on looking at them throughout the night but could not make anything out of it. So, the next morning I went to God's Apostle and told him the whole story. He explained to me, ‘That verse means the darkness of the night and the whiteness of the dawn.’[5] ” As we see here, a companion who took the metaphor in the Quran literally was rectified by the Prophet. An example from the Sunnah (traditions) is that when a voice was heard in the mosque, the Prophet said “This is the sound of a stone hitting the bottom of the hell after seventy years of falling.[6]” and a few minutes later, the news of the death of a famous hypocrite came. Another example is the narration that says Jesus Christ (pbuh) will break the cross and kill the pig in his second coming. Jesus (pbuh) definitely won’t hunt down all pigs with a rifle in his hand and commit pig genocide, what is meant in the narration is that he will ban the consumption of pigs. I am giving these examples in order to answer those who believe that everything in the Quran and traditions must be understood literally. It is said in a narration that every stone and every tree will inform the Muslims of who hid behind them in the war between Muslims and Jews in the End Times. This likely refers to the sonar technology that makes it possible to see beyond concrete objects. In today’s wars, it is impossible to hide anywhere because solar devices can detect you even when you are behind objects. Such things that exist today but were unknown in the seventh century could only be described with similes and metaphors, it was impossible for the people of those times to explicitly conceive of our conditions and technology. If the Messenger of God (pbuh) told the prophecies about the future openly and literally, everybody would recognize these events when their times came and there would be no place for testing our actions. If the narrations about Dajjal were open and frank, everybody would recognize Dajjal and protect themselves from him; but in reality, Dajjal will be unrecognized and thus deceive the entire world for a long time. Narrations tell that Dajjal is even taller than a minaret, and Christ will barely reach his knee while they two will be fighting. This is definitely a metaphor as a human being cannot be that tall. Its meaning is that the power that Dajjal possesses (propaganda capabilities such as media power) will be much more than that of Jesus Christ (pbuh). Now, let’s enumerate and look into the narrations of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) about Dajjal.

“He (dajjal) will start by saying that he is a Prophet, but there will be no Prophet after me. Then he will say, 'I am your Lord,' but you will never see your Lord until you die…[7]” Before Darwin, the theory of evolution was proposed by many people including some Muslims, and these people claimed that God created living beings by transforming them into each other. This might metaphorically mean the claim of prophethood of Dajjal. Prophets are God’s proxies who call people to God, and a couple of Muslim scientists long before Darwin such as ibn Miskawayh and Nasir al-Din Tusi, as well as some Christian scientists such as Lamarck who lived one generation before Darwin, claimed that God used evolution as a proxy to create living beings. They ascribed the prophetic attribute of being a proxy of God to evolution in some sense. However, these scientists couldn’t propose any plausible and scientific mechanism by which evolution might have worked, therefore they were not taken seriously by the masses. When Darwin came, the theory of evolution reached the point of excluding God altogether and taking the whole credit for the creation of living beings. Darwin made evolution a scientific theory although it was merely a philosophical theory until then. After Darwin, evolution became the most powerful weapon of atheism. This post-Darwin period might be the time when Dajjal says “I am your Lord”. This narration may refer to the irreligious trends that emerged in the West as well. The importance given to religion has reduced in Europe after the Age of Enlightenment, and religion has been excluded completely after Darwin. The first period (the Enlightenment) might be considered Dajjal’s claim of prophethood, and the latter post-Darwin period might be considered Dajjal’s claim of divinity. There is no doubt that these irreligious trends that appeared in Europe have heavily influenced the entire globe along with Europe.

“When he (Dajjal) appears the world will hear. He will travel the world in forty days. His first day will be a year, his second day a month, his third day a week, and his fourth day a day[8]” This narration is another proof that Dajjal is not a human being because it is impossible for a human to travel all around the world and deceive people therein in only forty days. This narration shows that communication tools will be very sophisticated at the time of Dajjal and the whole world will have knowledge of Dajjal. Also, the fact that Charles Darwin traveled all around the world (he circumnavigated the Earth in his voyage of the Beagle) and observed living beings in every corner of the world might be what is referred to in this narration. The last part of the narration that describes the days of Dajjal will be explained later.

“When Dajjal emerges, he shouts terribly and yells; the people of the East and West hear him.[9]” This narration reports that Dajjal’s impact will be global, not local. People’s hearing of Dajjal’s voice from everywhere refers to the advanced communication technology during the time of Dajjal.

“Dajjal will enter every place except for Mecca and Madina.[10]” There are lots of narrations which state that Dajjal will reach every place except for Mecca and Madina, and God will protect the holy lands from Dajjal. Today, in every country except for Saudi Arabia, the theory of evolution is taught in the education system. Even in Iran, where there is an Islamic regime in power, the theory of evolution is taught in the education system. Saudi Arabia, which incorporates Mecca and Madina, is the only country in the world that has banned the theory of evolution and it is statistically the country in which evolution has the least acceptance among the population. The policies of secularization by force that almost every Muslim country had suffered throughout the 19th and the 20th centuries have failed to reach Saudi Arabia (Mecca and Madina by extent), and Saudi Arabia has always remained an Islamic country. Also, Dajjal cannot be a human since it is impossible for a human to enter every place in the world.

“He (Dajjal) will come to an ignorant man whose parents will have passed away and will say to him: ‘Will you believe that I am your Lord if I bring your parents back to life?’ He will reply: ‘Yes.’ The devils accompanying him will take the form of his parents and will say to him: ‘Oh child, believe in him and follow him, he is your Lord.’ The ignorant man will be deceived into believing him.[11]”  Many narrations tell us that Dajjal will deceive people by bringing the dead back to life, and this is one of the most famous miracles of Dajjal. Evolutionists make propaganda using dead fossils. They deceive people by bringing dead fossils back to life by means of bogus drawings and documentaries. They depict these fake drawings as the ancestors of humans, in some sense, they revive the dead animals that lived in the past. The fake drawings of the ape-like fossils that are claimed to be our ancestors (“parents” in the language of the narration) try to convince us that evolution is real. This is almost identical to the trick Dajjal will use according to the narration.

    In many narrations including this one, it is said that Dajjal will be helped by devils. We don't know how this help is going to be. Some Christians believe that devils have taken the form of fossils in order to deceive people. Although these sorts of allegations seem completely unfounded, we can think that they might actually have truth in them given the narrations that warn against devils' help for Dajjal. There have been cases in our Prophet's time where devils entered the idols and spoke to people inside of them giving the impression that it is the idol talking, thereby convincing people to worship the idols. Devils have deluded many generations by showing them phony miracles. There used to be devils on the Earth before humans set foot on it, and devils have the capability of taking whatever physical shape they want. The Quran warns us against the tricks of Satan: “And he (Satan) had already led astray from among you much of creation, so did you not use reason? (Qur’an 36:62)” The fact that the majority of mankind have assigned partners to God throughout history can only be explained by the tricks of Satan. Humans are not so stupid as to worship idols made of stones; nevertheless, devils talk to people inside of these stones and answer their prayers as much as he can in order to make people believe that those idols are indeed holy. Although we don’t know the essence of Satan’s help for Dajjal, with the help of God we can overcome these tricks by relying on our reason instead of our emotions and experiences.

“I warn you of him (Dajjal), and there was no prophet but warned his followers of him; but I will tell you something about him which no prophet has told his followers: Dajjal is blind in one eye whereas God is not.[12]” Humans metaphorically have two eyes: the animalistic (physical) eye and the spiritual eye. Animals only have the animalistic eye, and angels only have the spiritual eye. Dajjal’s having a single eye means that only his animalistic eye is open. Darwinism claims that humans are not different from animals, thus rejecting the spiritual eye of humans. Darwinism is blind in one eye (the spiritual eye) just like described in the narration. This is why many atheists live like animals by ignoring their hearts and spirituality. The Quran likens disbelievers to animals: “Or do you think that most of them hear or reason? They are not except like livestock. Rather, they are [even] more astray in [their] way. (Qur’an 25:44)” The hearts of disbelievers have been sealed because of their arrogance, therefore they cannot see with their spiritual eyes. The materialist evolutionists believe that humans are merely a breed of animals since they think of everybody as similar to themselves. They prove the Quran right by accepting themselves as animals.

“He has two flowing rivers with him. One of them is seen clearly by the eyes as clear water and the other is seen as blazing fire. When a Muslim witnesses his time, he has to go to the river that he views as fire and close his eyes, lower his head and drink from it, for it is cold water.[13]” Darwinists (atheists) say that life is no more than this worldly life and people should take as much pleasure as they can from this worldly life. They entice people into following their physical desires. They claim that life without religion and divine rules is more pleasurable. They depict religions as superstitious and blame Muslims for being backward and bigoted. They make propaganda that Islam is a violent medieval religion. This narration advises us to obey and adhere to Islam at the times of Dajjal even though Islam will be perceived quite harshly and irreligion will be presented quite attractively. Those who keep holding on to Islam at the times of Dajjal will drink the cold water (will be rewarded by God).

“And indeed, he (Dajjal) has ‘Kafir’ (infidel) written between his eyes; everyone who is averse to his behavior shall read it. (If you are confused about him) bear this thing in mind that none amongst you would be able to see God, the Exalted and Glorious, until he dies![14]” This narration is metaphorical too. If there was literally the word “Kafir (infidel)” written on his forehead, everybody would recognize him and refrain from obeying him, but we know that Dajjal will convince almost the entire world. This narration means that the things Dajjal will claim are open blasphemy, and Muslims will be irritated by his claims and his actions. In other narrations, this word is spelled letter by letter (K.A.F.R) (كافر). These letters might mean that Dajjal will bring along the systems of Communism (C is pronounced as K in English, Communism is written with the initial letter K in most languages), Anarchism, Fascism, and Radicalism. These four political ideologies have been at war with Islam for one hundred years. If it wasn’t for the irreligion trend that Darwinism entailed, none of these four political ideologies would have existed.

    The last sentence of the narration is emphasized in various other narrations too. Humanity has been warned that it is not possible for humans to see their creator in this world, so Dajjal’s divinity claim is false. Evolutionists think that God should be kept away from science for He is invisible and intangible. According to them, God is unscientific because we cannot test him with physical experiments. Our Prophet answers them: “none amongst you would be able to see God until he dies!” In other words, he says that your creation cannot be known by physical sensations and experiments, Darwinism is a liar for claiming that it can. Nevertheless, scientists still prefer believing in evolution with disregard for its absurdities just because they think evolution is more visible and scientific than creation.

“Dajjal will be followed by 70,000 Jews.[15]”

    This narration makes it clear that there will be Jewish support for Dajjal. Today, the majority of the Jews believe in evolution, and the acceptance of evolution among Jews is much higher than that of Muslims and Christians. The Jewish-owned media in the West is a staunch supporter of evolution theory. If Darwinism weren’t supported by the Jews, it wouldn’t have become this much popular because the Jewish lobby has a strong influence on the perception of Western people. Not only Darwinism; other small dajjals such as feminism, LGBT, and Islamophobia are also propagated by the Jewish-owned media. The one-sided and constant propaganda of these trends can only be explained by the political interests of the Zionist Jews, who constitute the most powerful and influential group in the West. The fact that the theory of evolution is always on the agenda is partially owed to the Jewish support for it.


   The Quran talks about the Jews who were transformed into monkeys as a punishment for violating the Saturday prohibition: “And you had already known about those who transgressed among you concerning the sabbath, and We said to them, ‘Be apes, despised.’ And thus We made their end a warning for the people of their own time and for the succeeding generations, and a lesson for the God-fearing. (Qur’an 2:65-66)” These Jews had retained their human brains but their physical appearances were made to resemble apes. This is why Jews have been slandered by the phrase “the siblings of apes” throughout history. This might be another reason why Dajjal is correlated with Jews because the punishment given to the Jews reminds one of the human evolution claims. This kind of punishment is called “Mash” in Islam, and it was applied by God to many nations in history. Other narrations state that the progenies of those who experienced this punishment have long died out, and today’s animals are not the children of anyone who was transformed into an animal in the past.[16] Nonetheless, the description of this incident in the verse as “a warning for the succeeding generations” necessitates the discovery of the traces (fossils in our terminology) of these people in the future. If their traces (fossils) were not to be found, this incident would’ve been a mere story for us rather than a warning. The verse points out that the remnants of these transformed people will be found in the future, and some apelike hominid fossils found today may belong to those people. The 70,000 Jews that follow Dajjal may refer to the support of these hominid fossils for evolution. And God knows best. A similar prediction was made for the Pharaoh in the Quran: “So, today, We shall save your body, so that you may become a sign for those after you. And many of the people are heedless of Our signs. (Qur’an 10:92)” Just as predicted in the Quran, the bodies of Ramesses 2 and Merneptah either of whom is thought to be the Pharaoh at the time of Moses (pbuh), were discovered in the late 19th century and their bodies are now exhibited in an Egyptian Museum. Nobody could have predicted the mummification of the Pharaoh's body and its discovery in the late 19th century at the time the Quran was revealed. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) wasn’t acquainted with the tradition of mummification anyway. The fact that the Quran’s prediction about the Pharaoh miraculously came true is evidence that the bodies of the Jews who were made to resemble apes will be discovered or have already been discovered.

"The people will flee from the Dajjaal (the Anti- Christ) till they will take shelter in the mountains." Umm Sharik said that she asked: "Where will be the Arabs at this time?" He answered: "They will be few (in number).[17]"

As I said in the beginning, Darwinism brought along many troubles and calamities, and two world wars with unprecedented casualties broke out. The degrading of spirituality and considering human beings merely as animals are the roots of many of these calamities. Even Hitler invoked Social Darwinism for his atrocities according to which the destruction of the weak is an inevitable rule of nature. Most educated people became atheistic and secular, and these educated people who reached the top positions in the Muslim states persecuted the Muslims. The Muslims in many Muslim countries had to pray secretly in their own countries. Muslims detached themselves from social life in order to protect themselves from the evils of atheism and secularism, in other words, they took shelter in the mountains as described in the narration.

    The following part of the narration about the fewness of the Arab population is very interesting. Muslims were quite powerless during the 19th and the 20th centuries when Darwinism surrounded the world. In this age, although the human population had exploded with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the unindustrialized Middle East was sparsely populated. For example, in 1910, the population of Germany was 65 million while the population of the Ottoman Empire was 26 million despite the fact that the Ottoman Empire was much larger than Germany in size.[18]


“The Dajjaal will emerge at a time when religious commitment is low and knowledge has decreased.[19]” This narration remarks on the lack of devoutness and knowledge among the Muslims at the time Dajjal will emerge. Darwinism emerged in the 19th century and the Muslims were in a deep crisis during this century in whatever field one can imagine. The Muslims were left behind the Europeans in science and knowledge, and they were subjected by European imperialist Powers.

“The construction of Bayt al-Maqdis (Jerusalem) will lead to the destruction of Madina, the destruction of Madina will lead to severe fighting, severe fighting will lead to the conquest of Constantinople, and the conquest of Constantinople will lead to the arrival of the Dajjal.[20] ” We can say that the first two events mentioned in this narration took place shortly after the death of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Muslims conquered and constructed Jerusalem, and after that Madina was invaded and looted by the forces of “Muslim bin Uqbah” during the reign of Yazid ibn Muawiyah. The narration later establishes a correlation between the conquest of Constantinople and the appearance of Dajjal. If we take Dajjal to be the irreligious trends of Europe and Darwinism in particular, how come does it correlate with the conquest of Constantinople that happened in 1453? Indeed, there is such a strong correlation between these two that a historian couldn’t be condemned if he said that Darwinism wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for the conquest of Constantinople.


Darwinism and other irreligious scientific/philosophical ideas in the West are the fruits of a long period starting with the Renaissance. The most important event that triggered the Renaissance, namely that ended the Middle Age and opened up the Modern Age is the conquest of Constantinople. The Roman intellectuals who fled to Italy from Constantinople along with the precious Greek books after the fall of the city initiated the Renaissance in Italy. It is known that the Renaissance is stimulated by the rediscovery of the Ancient Greek civilization and the books of this civilization were brought by the Greeks who fled Constantinople. Also, the fact that the whole Orient fell under the Muslim dominion with the conquest of Constantinople induced Europeans to search for new trade routes that by-pass the Ottoman lands, and these efforts gave rise to the famous geographical discoveries. There is no need to discuss the role of the geographical discoveries in transitioning from the Middle Age to the Modern Age. The conquest of Constantinople with the usage of newly invented cannons, as it was the best-protected city in the world with famous walls that couldn’t be surmounted for a thousand years, proved that city walls are no longer protective against the new military technology. The conquest of Constantinople demonstrated that even the strongest walls can be surmounted with the modern technology, and this brought an end in Europe to the dominion of lords who were hiding behind city walls until then, thereby ending the feudal system that is associated with the Middle Age. As we have described, the conquest of Constantinople contributed in three ways to the age which would eventually give birth to Darwinism.

Dajjal’s left eye will have a squint.[21]

Dajjal’s complexion will be red according to the Prophet’s dream in which he saw Dajjal.[22]

Dajjal will have a wide forehead.[23]

Dajjal’s eye resembles a green glass[24], and a bright star.[25]

Dajjal’s hair will be curly.[26]

Although the theory of evolution is not a human, there is a human who is identified with this theory: Charles Darwin. Although there have been many people who studied the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin became the most popular and prominent of them and his fame has even extended beyond science. For example, though most people don't even know the proposers of the Bing Bang theory, everybody thinks of Charles Darwin when they hear the theory of evolution. The theory of evolution has been so much identified with Charles Darwin that this theory is called “Darwinism”.

Dajjal is usually described in traditions as an ugly and squint-eyed man. Darwin’s squint eye is congruent with the prophetic narrations. Darwin had a wide and open forehead as described in the narration. Dajjal’s eye description gives the impression of a colorful eye because this is the only way to describe a colorful eye in Arabia where almost everybody had black eyes. In the book “The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin[27]" written by Darwin's son, Darwin's eye color is described as "bluish grey". There is an emphasis on Dajjal's red complexion in the narration. In the book we had just mentioned, the complexion of Charles Darwin is explained directly as follows: "His face was ruddy in color, and this perhaps made people think him less of an invalid than he was." The narration informs us that Dajjal will have curly hair. The following quote is directly taken from the physical description of Charles Darwin: "He (Darwin) had thick curly sideburns.[28]"

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